My User Guide for Twitter.

Twitter is a platform where people tend to misunderstand intentions and nuances of a tweet, jump to a conclusion and escalate a debate in the wrong direction.
To avoid this, I wrote a set of hints which will hopefully help you understand me correctly and react in a better way.

  1. If you get hurt or see me misbehave badly, contact me in DM and I will see reason and remove or clarify my tweet.
  2. If I sound negative or harmful to you, please always assume a good intent first.
  3. Before you make up your mind about something and decide to escalate the thread, please ask me first if I meant what you think I said.
  4. I am sarcastic by nature, but I am trying to not harm anyone nor spread a bad mood while staying true to myself.
  5. I am here to learn and share my thoughts, ideas, struggles. Not everything in my life is nice and I want to be able to openly share anything I want to, even if it may hurt someone’s feelings. If this happens, see point 1.

Eng. @webflow, React, CSSinJS and co. Creator of Stealing ideas is great. Semantics is just meaning. Twitter:

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